Item 01: James McCall Young diary, 9 November 1917-22 April 1918 - Page 105

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4 PM started off for Perth St again, arrived at Perth St and found my cousin in also his niece Jean who keeps house for him, was warmly welcomed and spent a very enjoyable evening talking about old times, after supper my cousin walked as far as Princess St with me. I then went straight home to bed 11.30, feeling that I had connected up the links of the two families who had been seperated for so many years.

Monday Mch 4th
9.30 got up, weather not so cold, but a very heavy fog all over the city, had breakfast, then did a little writing. 10.30 set out for a walk, up Ramsay Lane and along High St to St Giles, and had another look round, went into the Chapel of the Thistle, a small but glorious place, around the walls are stalls with the "Coat of Arms" of the owner of the stall above, the occupants of the seats are all of scottish descent, the last seat being taken by the Famous soldier, Sir Douglas Haig, the woodwork of the stalls is magnificient being all hand carved, the cost of the building was £40,000, while I was in St Giles', a christening service was being held, quite a nice service, and the kiddie didn't howl.

I then went in Parliment House, which dates from 1632. The ceiling is the original one and is different to anything I have ever seen, made of oak, all carved by hand and is very massive. the floor is all inlaid oak, and is very pretty, around the walls are statues of Scotland's famous men, all the paintings have been removed for safety on account of Zep raids, in one end of

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