Item 01: James McCall Young diary, 9 November 1917-22 April 1918 - Page 77

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Sutton Veny, but didn't know what part.

Sunday Jan 13th
6.30 got up very cold. 10 AM Church parade in C.E. Hut. After dinner went over to Sutton Veny. after a little trouble found Jack Brideson, had been there over 3 months, spent the afternoon with him, and had tea in the hut, afterwards going for a walk with him, arrived back in camp 6.30 PM, then went for a wander round the canteens. 9.30 went to bed, started to snow.

Monday Jan 14th
6.30 got up, had been snowing all night, about 4 in of it on the ground, still snowing 9 AM jerks for an hour, finished up with a snow fight. 10.30 AM Rifle exercises. 2 PM Lecture on Artillery angles & terms. 4 PM went for a march onto the top of a hill overlooking the camp, had a very good view of the camp, had a snow fight for about ¼ hour, reached camp again 5 PM and then dismissed. Every morning and evening there are hundreds of rooks fly over the camp.

Tuesday Jan 15th
6.30 got up, no lights on. Took on mess orderly job looking after the Sergeants. During morning had a visit from the C.O. of the Southern Command, and his staff. had been raining all night. rained all day, washed all the snow away.

Wednesday Jan 16th
6.30, still raining. 6.45 parade, was transferred to the Signallers, had to be at Battery office 8.30 AM. 9.00 were marched over to Signal school carrying all our kit, 20 of us to a hut, to be know as Class No 10. Weather cleared off during the

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