Item 03: James McCall Young diary, 6 August 1918-6 August 1919 - Page 17

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A fritz plane flew over, very high up, all the anti's in the district were firing at him.
Got orders to pack up saddlers gear ready to move off. Went to "Smart Set" Concert in Camon, had a good laugh. Some of our Drivers and gunners changed over with some from the D.A.C. for two months.

Saturday Sept. 7th
Up at 5-30 a.m. loading wagons etc. Left Camon 8-30 a.m., went through Lamotte, Daours, Aubigny, Hamel, to the right of Chippily, through Morcourt to Royart and camped for the night. Met Ed Tonkin on a horse, told me Phil Fargher had been killed. Camped in a German dug out on a wire bed.

Sunday Sept. 8th
A cold night. Had to get out of my "home" as it was wanted for a store room for kits and stores. Found another good dug-out. Started raining during morning miserable cold wind. Wrote letters all afternoon. Rained all afternoon. After tea had some music on the gramophone.

Monday Sept. 9th
Packed up and on the road again at 8-30 a.m. Passed through a lot of ruined villages, some of them had been knocked about that much it was hard to tell if there was a village or not. Passed close to the 15 in. gun that the Aussies captured, its an enormous affair on a huge platform with 16 steps leading to the top, half the barrel is blown off. Camped in some woods, in some Fritz dug-outs. Got letter 31 from wife.

Tuesday Sept. 10th
Rained all night, woke up to find I was lying in a pool of water, "felt very comfortable and pleasant", rained all morning, cold and windy during afternoon went for a walk over to where some Germans are buried. 77 of them, havn't been buried long. After tea Ed Tonkin came over to our battery and I went for a walk with him and had a long yarn, when I got back I found a parcel waiting for me from Jack Ritchie, came in very handy.

Wednesday Sept. 11th
Packed up and on the road again. 9 a.m., raining, with a cold wind blowing, came through a fair number of ruined towns, passed to the right of Peronne, Fritz had blown up all the bridges along the river, came over a temporary wooden one

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