Item 02: James McCall Young diary, 22 April-5 August 1918 - Page 59

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chaff cutting. After tea played draughts till midnight.

Sunday July 28th
1.30 a.m. Two of Fritz's planes came over and dropped some bombs in the village. During afternoon took the cutter to pieces and fixed it up as it wasn't cutting properly.

Monday July 29th
Relieved of my job, not sorry. Had to clean up horse lines. 2 a.m. An attack was made on Fritz, our line was advanced 1000 yds. besides taking 200 prisoners. 600 dead Fritz's were counted.

Tuesday July 30th
I went to Dr. about my old trouble, gave me no duty. Saw some London Terrotorials going up to the lines, a fair amount of Yanks were mixed with them. They had a drum and fife band with them, and it sounded well.

Wednesday July 31st
Went to Dr. again, got two days no duty, told to come back again. After tea played draughts. We had just got into bed when "Jerry" came over and started dropping bombs, they made our house shake (me too). Killed one man.

Thursday Aug. 1st
A glorious morning. Did nothing all day. While we were having tea a Fritz came over in one of our planes and destroyed four balloons. He was that pleased with himself that he looped the loop, but

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