Item 02: James McCall Young diary, 22 April-5 August 1918 - Page 43

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Tuesday June 25th
Put in the afternoon enlarging my dug out, making it more comfortable. 6 p.m. had to go on guard. Got two letters from Aussie, 1 from Wife, 1 from Jack Richie (with photo).

Wednesday June 26th
On guard 8 to 10. weather very cold and windy, came off guard 6 p.m. then went for a walk with Peter Sinclair to find some of his cobbers. I met Harry Petty and had a long yarn with him. During the afternoon our battery played a cricket match with the 43rd, beat them easily. 11.30 p.m. a lot of Fritz's planes came over and dropped some bombs but did no damage.

Thursday June 27th
Had an easy day. A huge shoal of our planes flew overhead (about 50 of them) during the afternoon. After tea there was a lot of ariel fighting. 9.15 p.m. one of our planes landed near our horse lines and turned completely over through being caught in some crop. The Pilot was dead being riddled with machine gun bullets in the stomach, the Observer was badly wounded in the leg and head.

Friday June 28th
A glorious morning. During the night the R.F.C. took the damaged plane away. 10 a.m. went for a ride over to the D.A.C. with a letter for ammunition. At tea time one of Fritz's planes came over and set a light to one of our observation balloons, it made a great blaze and smoke. He was quickly paid back for he was shot down

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