Item 03: James McCall Young diary, 6 August 1918-6 August 1919 - Page 67

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Dr. for scabies. Went into town after tea. Saw a couple of open air shows in the square. Market day, just like any other day, all shops open, lots of people about.

Monday April 14th
Went to Waterloo by train, climbed to top of monument, had the different places pointed out to us by a Belgian guide, afterwards went into Museum. Well worth seeing. Wind blowing a gale, started raining coming back to station, had to run to catch train, half way to Charleroi, half the train was taken off, had to scramble into wherever we could get room. After tea went into town, went to picture show couldn't get a seat so came out and went to Winter Gardens, came home in pouring rain.

Tuesday April 15th
Up at 6 a.m. in cook house. Inspection by the heads on the parade ground. After tea went to wrestling and boxing tournament in Charleroi, had my money's worth. Saw some very good contests. Arrived back in camp 11-15 p.m.

Wednesday April 16th
Up at 6 a.m. packing up ready to move. Left camp 8-30, marched to Charleroi station, left in trucks (25 in each) 10 a.m. Stopped at Mons 2 p.m. for dinner (Mac's stew & tea). Rained all morning.
Crossed the border into France 5-30. Passed away the time playing 500, went to bed 9-30.

Thursday April 17th
Woke up at Ameins 9 a.m. A glorious day. Dinner time rolled up our blankets into bundles of ten. Arrived at Harve 6 p.m. Had to march into camp, arrived dead tired. Twenty-five men put into each hut. Had to scramble for blankets as they were thrown off the lorry. Went to Orch. Concert in Y.M.C.A.

Friday April 18th
Up at 6-30, breakfast at 7 oclock. Parade 8 a.m., handed in blankets, Haversack, Bandolier, Waterbottle and spare underclothes. Then went before Dr. for scabies & S.A., then had a hot bath with a

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