Item 03: James McCall Young diary, 6 August 1918-6 August 1919 - Page 53

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Saturday Feby 8th
The coldest morning I have felt, ice everywhere, everything frozen. Sun shining all day.

Sunday Feby 9th
Another bitter morning. Two guns and four wagons went away, also harness (12 sets).

Monday Feby 10th
A very heavy frost, everything frozen. Newbury tea King went on leave. Got two letters from Aussie.

Tuesday Feby 11th
40 Horses (Y) went to Namur. Day not so cold. Gun teams came back.

Wednesday Feby 12th
Weather not so cold, sun shining all day.

Thursday Feby 13th
Another horse inspection. Got my teeth from Dentist.

Friday Feby 14th
Rain for a change. Two guns & four wagons sent away. Rained all night.

Saturday Feby 15th
Twenty horses sent to Calais. Another issue from Comforts fund.

Sunday Feby 16th
A very quiet day. Saw a youngster with a suit on, made from an Aussie blanket, looked good too.

Monday Feby 17th
Went to Givet for coal on wagon, had to walk back as wagon went without me. At railway went through a lot of Fritz trucks.

Tuesday Feby 18th
Saw a couple of aeroplanes, first for a long time.

Wednesday Feby 19th
Weather cold again with a little snow. Packed up my souvenirs ready for Blighty.

Thursday Feby 10th
The rest of guns and wagons went away.
I went with cook's cart to get coal, but came a crash, as I couldn't get it without paying for it. Went to Hastere, saw a lot of Fritz material that had been abandoned; had to walk nearly all the way back; uphill. After tea Fanny asked me if I would ask her dad if she could go to dance, which I did.

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