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and camped outside Nauroy. Camped in one of Fritz's trenches. Coming along the road I saw a lot of dead horses and piles of german machine guns and material. Also passed a batch of prisoners.

Saturday Oct. 5th
Was awakened by the cannonading of our guns, making a fresh attack, a lot of prisoners were brought back. Yesterday a lot of French civilians were released from the Fritz's and looked quite happy. I was taken off my cookhouse job and put on as runner to Headquarters. Had to go to H.Q. on the way had to go through a tangle of barb wire and trenches. Had to cross the canal, saw all the german dug outs along the bank, he had made quite a home for himself. Came back further up the canal where it runs under the tunnel where the "blood house" is. After dinner went into Nauroy to get some S.A. ammo. Saw a tank that had stopped a shell on its face. Had a look at some of Fritz's guns that he had blown up. In the evening rode over to H.Q. for the mail, met some chaps who were on the Port Sydney. Fritz was over all night with his bombs. Lieut. Beggs was killed.

Sunday Oct. 6th
Went with water cart to canal to fill up, but there are two motors pumping water, so saved me the trouble. Rode over to H.Q. for mail but they had cleared out leaving no trace. After tea started raining.

Monday Oct. 7th
Had to go to battery as mounted orderly for the day. Passed a great number of guns on my way up. Did nothing all day but try and keep myself warm, the guns went forward to a new position to be ready for the stunt in the morning. Saw a lot of dead tommies and fritz's. Got back to the lines after dark, started raining. Played crib for a couple of hours.

Tuesday Oct. 8th
Was awakened by the opening of the guns. Saw hundreds of prisoners coming back. Was put in charge of the guard 4.30 p.m. During the advance one of Fritz's baloons was captured, they hadn't stopped to pull it down. Fritz was over all night with his bombs.

Wednesday Oct. 9th
A bonza frost. Three of our guns came down, out of action, making four, leaving only two in action. After dinner got orders to move forward to new wagon lines. Went through Nauroy, Estrees, Joncourt, Ramicourt and camped outside Montbrehain. On the way up saw a lot of dead germans also

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