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we are allowed to indulge in. You'll get a good few conflicting reports no doubt but dont believe anything till I write. That is to say rumours. I am sending you an old photo found of the Toowoomba crowd, taken just before we marched to the station. We are all mad with excitement you can imagine at getting away. I hope you are all well darlings & the house is going strong When is Nance When are you going to become Mrs Claudiboy-Jones Nance? – you per-sty - ...kerpuss, - stopit!! –"nuffsaid". Anyway wish Claude good luck & cheer-ohs from me only dont let him see this epistle. Well darlings I'll say cheer-oh & God bless you all. Dont worry you'll hear from me again before we get into it. Best love sweethearts to you all.
Your boy
John Site-Pot

I am writing to Gran & Jane now too.

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