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are optimistic, some otherwise about getting away, but the general opinion is that we might get our marching orders any time now. Then again they say that Light Horse are not wanted there, that the country is'nt suitable for them etc, etc, but what truth there is in this I dont know.

Gran will send to you a letter I wrote to her describing our last trek to Helouan from which we have just come back a few days ago. Will you send her the last long letter I wrote you. I have been trying to get some photos of this trek, that some other fellows took, but hav'nt yet. Will send you some soon anyhow.

I will close this now darlings & "iggory" to bed. That word is Arabic for hurry, or run, & "imshi" means go, or clear out. These were the two words used (with a few choice adjectives) by our troops, when they charged the Turks.

The poor 9th infantry's two companies suffered pretty severely, but they won the day. Well darlings good night & God bless you all. Best love from
Kind regards to Claudius & good luck to him

Fix bayonets [and] 'Earts

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