Item 02: John Herbert Butler correspondence, 1914-1920 - Page 22

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You would be surprised at the enormous traffic on the river, the hundreds of tugs motor boats, bum-boats & all sorts of craft.

It seems marvellous that there are no collisions. They are all piloted by Egyptians, Arabs, and all the dark. But it was at Port Said that I saw what I had been waiting to see all along, & dreamt about many a time. We, our little crowd of Enoggera, whom you know, were smoking on our little deck at about 11am in the morning & watching the teeming life (not insects) of Port Said when we heard a far-away sort of drone sound, which steadily grew louder. I could'nt make out what it was. It grew very loud & seemed quite near. Then an Arab coal heaver pointed in a matter-of-fact way heaven-wards, - & Lo! & behold a hydro-aeroplane, about 100 feet above our heads, just clearing our masts. He was a French aviator & handled the machine so gracefully. He flew again the next day also, & came even nearer to us.

I am going to get my photo taken at Cairo & send it to you, in full rig out. I dont know whether you know it, but the Queenslanders are the only ones allowed to wear Emu plumes throughout the campaign. That is the Light Horse. We are only 500 strong

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