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& they were pretty lively I can tell you. They were tumbling & rearing about & were very wild at having to be tethered up to the lines. One flash little beggar let me have it behind the calf of my leg & of course there is a bruise to tell the tale. One fellow got rolled over twice & is in the hospital. Another chap got a kick in the backside & fainted, & a silly coot jabbed a bayonet into an artery in his arm & lost half his blood. Rather early for bayonet work is'nt it?

Apart from a few casulities like these the camp is running beautifully. They have shower baths rigged up now & thats a boon. What strikes me - & it would you – is that all the crowd here are all clean & they nearly all use the toothbrush freely.

Our camp is made up of Gordon Robertson, Clarence McDougall, Archibald E. Gordon-Campbell, Billie Robinson, Sydney Robertson Leslie Stark, an Englishman named Willott who is a science master at the Toowoomba Grammar School & taught under Rolph, at "Wolaroi School" at Orange just after we had left. He's a milatary man & served in the Belgian Guard Civic also England & New Zealand. All these chaps are gentleman.

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