Item 01: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 14 September 1914-31 December 1915 - Page 28

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Feb. 2 Tuesday 1915
Arrived at Alexandria 8 am dropped anchor in Harbour. Misty rain cold wind.
Remainder of Fleet here at anchor & at warf disembarking.
The American Warship Tennessee passed outward bound from here. Imposing sight.
Sent letter by Wireless operator who was returnng by Hospital ship Kyarra to Australia giving full particulars re journey to Maude.

Feb. 3 Wednesday 1915
Horse died Gripes
Wet and cold
Drew into Warf 2. 30 PM
The bugler suffering from Phumonia was taken to hospital.
Leave till 10 PM was granted to men tonight.
The town is like most places where color race rules. Narrow street dirty looking buildings low breed of men & women everywhere.

Feb. 4 Thursday 1915
Unloading horses & fodder preparing to entrain 3. 30 PM
Cold cutting wind but fine, train left 6. 30 under Lieu Hordern Major Fuller & I stayed on board to finish clearing Ship.

Feb. 5 Friday 1915
Working all day unloading Horses & clearing up ready to leave by train 7. 30 PM
Went up town bought Officer food for supper on train.
Left by special train at 7. 30 Officers & Ordeleys in 1st class carrages, Troops in 2nd & 3rd class. Made supper at 10 PM very smooth train travelling 5 ft gauge. Corridor 1st class.

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