Item 01: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 14 September 1914-31 December 1915 - Page 16

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Jan. 12 Tuesday 1915
Squally weather.
Three white Star Boats Ceramic, Persic & Suevic left the squadron about 8 am apparently not going to call at Colombo. the remainder continued on to Colombo
Weather cleared up, windy
(Trooper died & buried at sea from Ceramic) died between here & Aden

Jan 13 Wednesday 1915
arrived Colombo 9. 30 AM anchored inside Dock with the other Boats finist concrete retaining wall to be seen here. Place swarming with coolies, boats, barges, steam & motor launches manned by them. Major Fuller, Dr & Vet Dr over to flagship. Posted letter to Maude. The Governor of Colombo passed fleet on inspection tour. No man allowed ashore. Number of men broke ship – went to town, all put under arrest on return.
Major Fuller bought portable organ £8-10-0 for use on board.

Jan. 14 Thursday 1915
L Hordern went ashore. More men Broke from ship.
Received letter from Maude dated 20th Dec. also one from Bertha.
Left the Dock at 12. 30 PM drew out side & dropped anchor, other boats doing likewise. Flagship still in Dock Search Lights flashing continually from the Shore. Night Scene very pretty.

(Themosticles left early in the day to the open sea for the purpose of burying 3 men who died)

Jan. 15 Friday 1915
Launch came alongside with 5 men who deserted ship. News been received that 3 men were killed in Town last evening. All men who broke ship were fined £5 the Corporals & Sergeants loosing their stripes.
Lifted anchor at 9. 30 AM today for Port Said. Sea smooth with cool breeze. late tonight about 12 PM orders received to "Scatter in event of enemy firing. German merchant ships in vicinity fully armed.

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