Item 01: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 14 September 1914-31 December 1915 - Page 58

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March 27 Saturday 1915
Cleaning up camp all tents down
Kits packed & the ground cleaned & disinfected
Col Cox out of camp
Col Cox & Major Fuller into Cairo for dinner at night
Went into Cairo got things for Major.
Special Guard collecting Passes at night, 84 men all told without permission to leave camp

The Hotel at Heliopolis is a palace once to be seen never to be forgotten. The staircase is built of solid Carrara marble, there are huge pillars of Pink marble which is beyond description. Electric lights cluster around the pillars set in heads of writhing snakes & brass cobras. There is also Frettted marble that looks like wonderful lace, in fact the Ball Room & dining room & the suite of rooms are finished beyond words. Cost 2,500,000 built by the King of the Belgians with English interests.

March 28 Sunday 1915
Heavy wind blowing land & dust awful. Church Parade.
Col. Cox & Major Fuller left for town by car 2 PM.
Church tonight Captain Miller General Ian Hamilton in Cairo
"March Pass"for troops at Abassa.

March 29 Monday 1915
Mounted parade in morning
Posted letters for Major Fuller also one to mother & M & [indecipherable] Australian mail closes tonight 8PM
Lecture by General Walker to officers to-night 8 PM

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