Item 01: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 14 September 1914-31 December 1915 - Page 54

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March 20 Saturday 1915
Mounted Parade this morning.
Brigade manoever
Colonel Cox in charge of Brigade, the Brigadier inspecting.
Major Fuller O. C. of the 6th Regiment
4/- to Haigh for green stuff.

March 21 Sunday 1915
Church Parade in morning.
Afternoon went into Cairo to Conformation Service in English Church Preacher Bishop of Jerusalem officiated.
About 60 officers & men & 20 young ladies were confirmed. Went to Heliopilos & soldiers home.
Major Fuller in camp all day
Had his watch repaired.
In camp 11PM.
Mrs Osborne
Soldiers Home
Opposite Shepard Hotel

March 22 Monday 1915
C Squadron working in conjunction with 5th regiment manuvering in morning under Major Fuller.
Major Fuller out during afternoon.
Posted letter home altered address to 2nd ALH Brigaid Egypt.

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