Item 01: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 14 September 1914-31 December 1915 - Page 146

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August 28 Saturday 1915
Working all day. Heavy Australian & English mail in.
Williams one of the Parcel sorters dispensed with today.
Went round & interviewed Capt Fitzgerald re my pay.
Wrote home to Maude.

August 29 Sunday 1915
Went this afternoon to see Capt Verge our Dr of the 6th, who is in 17 Gen Hosp suffering from dysentery. From a broad shouldered, thick set man he has come down to a skeleton. Also met Lieut Huxtable of the 6th who is returning to the front on Monday by the "Southport"from 45 warf, He has been to Cyprus for 5 weeks suffering from shellshock to the drums of his ears. They tell me poor old "Robbo"was struck with a piece of shell near the shoulder which penetrated right down to his stomach. He died in a few minutes(I have written to his wife).
Received a newsy letter from Miss Mitchell of Cairo who is in charge of the Russell Soldiers Home) Went to church tonight 6. 15 Rev Mackie preached. Early to bed as I felt tired (cold coming on and sore throat)
The "City"contains at present many soldiers of all nations. The French wear Karki with red sashes, very broad around their waists with red wollen round caps soft, & can be drawn down over the ears.
Went to work from 6 to 8 AM. Service at 10. 30 AM Rev Mackie DD preached. Splendid address. The leaves of this tree shall for the healing of the nations. He spoke to the children on "rivers"The Nile commenced by the winds of the Indian Ocean driving the vapour onto the mountains at the source of the Nile in the form of snow which evaporates, sending forth rivulets of water which form high lakes which find an entrance, then forcing its way through; until it meets it sister stream one called the Blue & the other the White Nile. When both streams meet the water is broad & deep, & to raise its level engineers have built the Barrage"layer cement works across the stream, which considerably increased the depth.

August 30 Monday 1915
Taking washing to laundry cost me 10 per week for my washing. Have written to Major Fuller & am sending letter by Lieu Huxtable. (The weather is getting much cooler now here)
Lieu Huxtable left for Dardinelles by the "Southport"from 45 Dock at noon today. went on guard at 12. 30 PM to 12. 30 PM tomorrow with Watkins. Pethard arrived back from Port Said today, having had 24 hours holiday. He says English money is used in Pt Said in preference to Egyptian.

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