Item 02: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 1 January - 31 December 1916 - Page 107

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Thursday 4 May 1916
Brig. Ryrie & Col. Fuller rode out to meet a number of Generals from H.Q. Ismaila who came over to inspect Country.
Troops of 7th Reg. went out at midnight to scout country for Aviators who are supposed to be making for the Coast, having been compelled to land in Enemy's Country with defective machine. Returned with no results. Other Troops went out later & returned at midnight.
Lieu. Marks went to R.H. on Business.
Major Darrel of the Workshire Regiment here collecting Officers Kit left when Camp was evacuated. Q.M. Corps found Quantity of Stuff Buried belonging to English Officers. Aeroplane dropped message.

Friday 5 May 1916
Brig. Ryrie & Col. Fuller & Brigade left at 6-30 a.m. for Orgaatina to inspect a report on water supply & other facilities. Every man in Camp had to have His Horse saddled & ready at 3-45 a.m. in the event of suprise.
Two Enemy Air Ships appeared over Kantara this morning between 6 & 7-30 a.m.
Received letter from Home. Wrote to Mrs. Chisholm on behalf of Lieu. Chisholm who is suffering from Malaria Fever.
The Brig. & party returned to Camp at 6 p.m. Many of the Bodies that were covered are now exposed owing to wild dogs & wind.
Officers writing the reports of their daily doings.

Saturday 6 May 1916
The Camp is a scene of Activity owing to Orders coming out that a Forced March is to take place tomorrow for a spot known to be occupied by turks. Mounting Guns & Trenches are seen by our Air o planes with a goodly number of the Enemy. All available men are to go. The divisional H.Q. have sent out Officers of the A.S.C. & A.M.C. to assist.
The New Zealanders come over from Rail head to look after this Camp & outposts whilst we are away.
The Field Ambulance has a fully equipped outfit for sandy Country & will accompany us under Col. Croll & Major Fraser.
A large number of Camels also come with Fodder, Water, etc. & each man carries 24 hours rations & 2 Feeds for Horse.
Lieu. Chisholm cannot come owing to sickness. He has had Malaria & is now subject to attacks.
The Ambulance Sand Carts are the only vehicle wheeled arrangements that can face the soft sand desert.

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