Item 02: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 1 January - 31 December 1916 - Page 87

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Thursday 30 March 1916
[The following sentence crossed through.] Regiment cleaning up Camp. Col. Fuller & Major Foster left today.

Regiment returned from Outpost duty on the Canal. Major Bruxner took lunch with us. Water carts which left here early this morning to supply the needs of the men who had no water during this march across the desert from Tel el Kebir returned to Camp. They say the men were famished, & some 9 died of thirst.
The man who ordered the march was counted out in the presence of the Prince of Wales & hooted. An inquiry is to be held.

Friday 31 March 1916
Regiment clearing up Camp & on parade. Col. Fuller & Major Foster left here for Salhia to inspect Camp & Water Supply, as we may leave for that part next week.
I left for Cairo tonight at 7-30 p.m. & arrived in the City at midnight. Stayed at New Khedival.
I received letter from Aleck Stewart re photos on Camel.
The Col. & party stayed at Ismaila tonight & expect to leave very early tomorrow for Salhia. There is no road, & a compass must direct the party across the desert.

Saturday 1 April 1916
Having completed Business I took train at 1 p.m. for the Barrage a distance of 18 miles from Cairo. The spot is at the junction of the Blue & White Niles. At this place large dams are erected across the River with Sluce Gates, wide enough to permit small boats to pass to & fro. The gardens are Beautifully laid out, whilst light Lines are laid to different centres on which trolleys run fitted with seats & pushed along by niggers. Donkeys also can be secured for 5 P.T. to convey the tourist around Tea gardens & refreshment sheds at different points, also museum showing the [indecipherable] construction of the Dams & Canals that are watered From this spot vast areas of Land obtain their supply of water for Irrigation purposes. After spending a very profitable afternoon I returned to town at 5-30 p.m., went to Kursal & then to Anzac Hostel for night.
Wrote & posted letter Home.

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