Item 02: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 1 January - 31 December 1916 - Page 79

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Very hot & Sultry. We prefer to camp all day instead of work as the atmosphere is oppressive.
Orders are out that the Regiment is to split up & a Squdron & half are to occupy the inner Line of Trenches on Saturday next.
This means that small outposts will be stationed on the Canal at different Points, with communication between each. The front line of Trenches are from us about 7 to 10 miles inland, & Aus. Infantry at present occupy the position.

Friday 17 March 1916
Regimental Parade to day.
The work is heavy & tiring. Both Horses & Men return to Camp knocked up.
Wells are sunk almost anywhere & water is secured about 3 to 6 ft. deep. It is good to drink but somewhat salty.
Drinking water comes by Train daily.
Bits of Green are worn by some of the Men to day & this is the only indication that St. Patricks Day is on hand.

Saturday 18 March 1916
During the night a heavy wind storm rose & throughout to-day has continued. The Sand is driven with great force into Tents, which makes Life miserable. Cleaning up has to be abolished & everyone stands about suffering much discomfort.
Lieu. Chisholm went to Cairo by tonight's Train.
C Squadron & a part of B left for the inner Line of Trenches by the Canal this morning under Majors Bruxner & White.
Col. Fuller went out during the Day to inspect the new Operations.
The Trenches are on the opposite Bank & the Horses are kept this side. A Punt conveys the men across who appear to enjoy themselves immensely. Swiming & fishing occupies much time, & the men are enjoying a rare holiday.
Calling to passing Vessels is prohibited & no man is to be seen naked during the passing of Boats.
Passengers throw Tobacco, etc. to the Men, & one day a Fox Terrier [indecipherable] was thrown overboard as a mascot.

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