Item 02: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 1 January - 31 December 1916 - Page 127

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Wednesday 7 June 1916
Pay Day in Camp.
Edwards sentenced to 7 days field Punishment for using insulting words about the Col. The Brig. down visiting the Col. this morning.
Air o planes circulating about camp to-day.
During the past few Weeks all leave has been stopped, & the different Cities & large Towns in Egypt have be thoroughly overhauled by the Police for Desertion. Something like 800 men have been found, also a few nurses who appear to have gone astray whilst in Egypt.
Inoculated this afternoon against Typhis.

Thursday 8 June 1916
Sick all Night & laying down to-day. News received that Lord Kitchener & Staff has been drowned. Another National Hero gone. A Noble Life spent in the Welfare of Humanity. Egypt's Greatest Friend at Rest. The rich & poor, the high & Low, & the Great & Small, all come at last to the Portal of Death.

Friday 9 June 1916
Went into Cantara for Shirts, etc.
Col. Fuller left for Conference at Divisional H. Quarters, & then on to Cairo for well earned Rest.

Saturday 10 June 1916
I took £E.60 into Cantara last Evening & handed same to Col. Fuller on Railway Station, returned to camp 9-30 p.m. Regimental Funds.
Cleaning up day today.
5 per Cent leave has been granted to Men to Port Said only.
Ted Reed left at 6 p.m. on leave to P. Said.
Lieu. Black returned to Duty to-day.
Another Medical inspection by M.O. of the 3rd Section in Canal Zone.
These Officers are particularly keen about this work, & go into close details, regardless of whose corns they may tred on.
Lieu. Chisholm & Capt. Beith went into Cairo last Evening for 3 days.
The road from Kantara to Hill 70 is under extensive repairs, there being 3 or 4 Steam rollers continually working, besides many Arabs. It is purely for Motors & Waggons. All Horseman to keep on the sand.

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