Item 02: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 1 January - 31 December 1916 - Page 195

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Thursday 5 October 1916
Sent money to McDonald for last consignment. Col. Fuller inspecting Operations. Mounted Parade by Reg.
Major Bruxner, Major Cross & Major Ferguson left by 1-5 p.m. Train for Cairo.
Goods for Canteen arrived at Kantara from McDonald, Cairo & Hardy, Pt. Said. Major Anderson returned from Division H.Q. to Regiment. He has been away for Instructional purposes.
Lieu. Bach of Signallers gave a Lecture to N.C.O. tonight, Col. Fuller attending.
Col. ordered 1 pair of Riding Breeches from Davies Bryan 275 Pt., Buckskin Straping.

Friday 6 October 1916
Col. Fuller to 2nd L.H.B. Ambu. to see Col. Croll. He took typewritten evidence which both of us signed in connection with Hosptatal Treatment. Troop Drill again this morning. The Brig. returned from Cairo suddenly to-night.
The Canal Zone has again been Quarintined from to-day.
I went to Kantara for Hair Brush for Col.
Later. The rumour that the Canal Zone is Quarintined is untrue & men are allowed leave to Pt. Said.

Saturday 7 October 1916
[The following sentences crossed through.] Church parade this morning, Col. Fuller in Command. Aus. Mail in to-day.

Gen. Ryrie & Col. Fuller inspecting Camp, all Tents struck for airing purposes.
A few new men were put through their riding test which was amusing to watch.
Wet & Dry Canteen opened this Evening, Serg. Dickson in Charge.
A Tommy Serg. shot at the Camp Commandant to-night whilst under influence of Liquor. This caused a good deal of excitement though no damage was done. It can be safely said that that the Prisoner will be marfish for such a serious offence specially as both He & the Officer are Imperial men.

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