Item 02: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 1 January - 31 December 1916 - Page 261

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Every Boy between the age of 5 or 6 is circumcised. This a Religious performance, & is carried out during a Bridal procession, the Boy leading the way.
In punishing a Boy at School the master Beats the Soles of the Lad's feet with a Palm Stick.
Five times a day the Muslim Egyptian says His prayers which is done in public very often.
Noon each Friday is the Special Hour & day for Prayer in Egypt.
Women from 14 to 20 are generally models of Beauty in Body & limb owing to their methods of toilet, & because they carry on their Heads about any kind of Load.
Child bearing is looked upon by the Muslims as absolutely necessary to peace & Happiness & a Barren Woman is held up to the greatest scorn. Disobedience to parents is looked upon as the greatest sin.
Schools for Children are very numerous in the large Centres, & even grown-ups avail themselves of both day & night Class of instruction.

In the Lower part of Cairo the poorer Folk have little or no covering at night but sleep on a sort of Mud Oven built within the dwelling. This oven is lit inside & the warmth from the top is sufficient to keep a Family from being cold.
The Furniture of an ordinary House consists of a mat or two, a few Earthern jars for Water, & a small mill to grind corn.

Misr or Cairo must be regarded as the first Arab City of our Age.

A Seal ring is used for signing letters & other important documents, & is considered more valid than an ordinary sign manual.

The Shoes of the Muslim Egyptian are made from Yellow or Red Morocco, or Sheep Skin.

Turbans & "Tarboosh" are the usual form of Head Gear for the Men.

Women begin to develop in the 9th or 10th Year, & at the age of 15 are considered to have attained their Highest degree of perfection.

Women are much more careful of their face covering than other parts & it is common to see the Breasts & thighs.

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