Item 02: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 1 January - 31 December 1916 - Page 251

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it was not pressed to a decision & it has proved to be one of the most ruinous. The gallantry of the troops were most remarkable & the hardships borne stands out as a wonderful example of of British Pluck under aweful conditions. The climbing up the steep cliffs of Gallipoli was received with rapture by the people at Home & the climbing down again & evacuating was also accepted as a wonderful piece of Work, but between the time of landing & the time of departing from these shores scenes too vivid for description, actions too numerous to mention, deeds too sacred to talk about were printed upon the pages of the Book of Life, & never shall the memory of our comrades fade & never shall the songs of Praise be stilled while the Empire stands.

My Dear One

Am sending this Diary back by a mate who returns to-day 21-1-17. He will post on arriving in Aus. It cannot be sent by post as the Military may get hold of it.
I am writing on the Train from Cairo to Canal, as I do not wish to miss this opportunity.

Yours Ever, Wall

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