Item 02: Henry Frederick Wallace Tucker diary, 1 January - 31 December 1916 - Page 243

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Thursday 28 December 1916
Col. Fuller & Capt. Close over to Gamel, returned for Lunch.
Major Cross & 2 troops out to Zagadan with Brigade Engineers trying to get water.
Capt. Snow over to Lunch with Col., also brought from Cairo a Turkey.
Engineers returned at 5 p.m. after an unsuccessful day. Rock was struck between 10 & 15 ft.
Weather still very unsettled.

Friday 29 December 1916
Eric Tooth (Lieu.) in Charge of Engineers leaving tomorrow for Canal & He takes 133£ E. Reg. &55£ E. private for Col. Fuller to Bank. Col. Fuller in Camp all Day. Extra Rations issued to-day owing to the overstock at Brigade.
Letter received from Ewart also watches from Cairo.
Another heavy Shower to-day.

Saturday 30 December 1916
Very cold & windy all day.
Col. Fuller in Camp all Day.
Major Bolingbroke over to see the Col. No news of any sort reaching us, & it looks as though the Division have removed the Brigade from active use for some reason or another. The root of the trouble is Personal Enemity between the Heads & the stronger power crushes the weaker. To become popular either in Social or Military Life the performers must play to the Gallery, & woebetide those in subordinate positions if they refuse to knuckle down. We have in our Brigade men who in Private life control wealth & public opinion, & naturally they kick against bowing to men of Inferior Station, though for the time being they occupy higher places in military life. Unless a radical change takes place in the near future I can only see not only a rupture, but a complete severance of High Officials. This appears to be what is really happening as we hear that our Brigade is being taken over by another General by the name of Watson & will form part of the Northern Section.

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