Ward diary, 30 October 1917-16 January 1918 / Ernest Henry Ward - Page 6

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from Capt. Judge.

Nov. 29
On leave in Boulogne. Good food & bad drink.

Nov. 30
Pay a.m. Repaid loan 100 frs. Bn. guard at 1400. Arranged with a Frenchwoman to buy 8 pork chops for the guard, not & to cook them for supper. Made me bilious.

Dec. 1
Guard dismounted at 1430. My digestion badly disarranged.

Dec. 2
Communion. Capt. Judge left as O.C. Brigade school, worse luck. Ackerman to Corps Gas school.

Dec. 3
Motor lorries to Etappes for Turkish bath. Unwashed underclothing issued in return for our semi clean things. Caught a chill on return journey.

Dec. 4
Voted 'YES' on conscription referendum. Temperature 99.8.

Dec. 5
Very queer. On picquet in Tingry wood. Sun shining & quite warm.

Dec. 6
Musketry practise. Shooting very bad as my cold & eyes are bad.

Dec. 7
On sick parade. Light duty.

Dec. 8
Bn. Sports. A Coy won all events.

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