Ward diary, 30 October 1917-16 January 1918 / Ernest Henry Ward - Page 4

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Nov. 8
Relieved at 1400 & took up position in trench near Routers Railway. Ration fatigue to Anzac Ridge but no rations arrived. Raining.

Nov. 9
Two trips to Hooge for rations & again for dixies a.m. Duckboard fatigue p.m. Gas guard 0500 to 0600.

Nov. 10
Duckboard track laying in pouring rain a.m. Fritz was blowing the track out almost as soon as we laid it down.

Nov. 11
Relieved at 0900 by Lancashire fusiliers. Hell for leather back to Ypres & then on to Vancouver Camp nr. Ouderdam. Free beer on issue! Pay available.

Nov. 12
Bath p.m. Clean shirts, pants & socks – no singlets.

Nov. 13
Left per boat for Mont des Cats. Camped in tents nr. Berthen. Nail in boat harmed me.

Nov. 14
Left for Zuytpeene per motor lorry as foot sore.

Nov. 15
Bn. left a.m. for Wardrecque. I remained behind guarding ammunition & packs with 3 other men. Lorry did not arrive & we had no rations.

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