Stettler 'The Battles of the Nations': being an account of war service in France, 1916 / composed by J.H. Stettler and written by private P.J. Stettler - Page 6

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it was now drawing in Day break and it was Easily seen the Enemy moving among the Ruins which here and there at counter attack was soon silienced our boys always being victorious while our fine machine gunners lost no opportunity to lay them low looking around we were in the midst of Ruined Buildings By small Portions of walls remained while the soil was ploughed up in all Directions and the trees which were pretty Numerous battered to the ground the Enemy were sending over further from among the Ruins a continous of rifle and machine gunfire we were not in the least troubled for we had accomplished all that was required the orders came to advanced we were confident of A still greater sucess Throught but all this trying time there were Numbers among us who were out so hard did perform there duties while others had slight wounds an suffered Entense Pains but continued with Smiling Faces and in one Particular being a Sergeant of the Platoon I belong who just Previous to the charge was buried along with others suffered from a laccerated leg and swelled hands but who would not think of leaving for the Dressing station while any danger Existed along with others who at times was exposed to greater danger than ours for when any danger were likely to arrive it was a common sight to see them do take no heed of a narrow trench shelter but glide along the Parket and carry out their duties more speedily.

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