Item 10: General William Holmes diary, 23 August 1914-22 February 1915 - Page 260

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A parade of all Troops present in Rabaul was held at 9-45am, and the Brigadier thanked every Officer, Non-commissioned Officer and Man for the loyal assistance they had given him.

Particulars of Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Men returning to Australia by the "Eastern" is attached.

A wireless message a/d to Colonel Holmes, as follows, was received:-
"W. 9075. Please wire under what authority promotions Lambton, Bracegirdle, Bowen, Webber and Buller referred to in Gazette No. 3 authorized, as in four cases they are not eligible under regulations, either by service or qualification. Naval Board --- promotions to be cancelled. Board should in future be consulted before any promotions Naval Officers authorized. Secretary Defence."

Communication was established with the "Morinda" and that vessel will arrive at Rabaul to-morrow. The Brigadier, however, decided not to wait for her arrival, but arranged with the Administrator to intercept the "Morinda" at sea and take off mails for Officers and Men on board the "Eastern".

The "Eastern" left at 3-0 p.m. Farewell messages were received from the "Una" and "Fantome" and were replied to.

At 8-0 p.m. the "Morinda" was intercepted, and Captain Travers with party went on board and obtained mails for Officers and Troops on the "Eastern", returning at 11-0 p.m.

At midnight the ship had sailed 50 nautical miles.


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