Item 10: General William Holmes diary, 23 August 1914-22 February 1915 - Page 231

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The Court enquiring into the shooting of Private McGill at Namatanai, found that this was purely accidental. McGill was returned to Australia in the "Morinda".

At 8-0 p.m. the following message was received from the Chief of the General Staff:-
"Send names of Officers, and numbers and ranks others recommended by you and willing to remain to end of war: similar information yourself and staff and Naval Unit, so that relief force may be organized at once."

and at 8-0 p.m. from Navy Office:-
"His Majesty the King directs that in view of the war salutes are not to be fired, and ships are not to be dressed on the occasion of the birthday of her Majesty Queen Alexandra."

A message in cipher 'R' for H.M.A.S. "Yarra" to be delivered to her on arrival was also received. A signal made was made by this latter vessel to the effect that she would arrive with the Oil Ship "Elax" in Simpsonhafen at daylight to-morrow.

The punishment in the case of Herr Koster, also implicated in the Rev. Mr. Cox's assault, has been deferred owing to the Prisoner being ill with appendicitis. His condition has been certified to by the P.M.O.

Health of the troops satisfactory.

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