Item 03: Cameron Robertson war diary, 29 December 1916-3 February 1919 - Page 4

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Diary of Cameron D Robertson
The first diary completed December 20 1914
First diary arrived home safely January 1915
Second diary completed December 20 1916
Second diary arrived home Jan 1917
Dec 29th Left Waterloo station at 4 pm arriving Southampton at 7 pm. Embarked on" [indecipherable] " right away and left for Le Havre at 11 pm. Gee! it was rough! The ship tossed like an eggshell & practically everyone was sick.
30th Disembarked at 8 pm & marched round to rest camp. Stayed here all day. Very cold.
31st Left Rest Camp at 4.30 am for train on which we embarked at 5.45 am. Train left Station at 7am . What a tiresome journey arrived in Albert at 3 am on 1st January 1917. Marched to house in which I was living prior to leaving for Blighty and turned in. About 8 am I was awakened and given a delightful surprise-

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