Item 03: Cameron Robertson war diary, 29 December 1916-3 February 1919 - Page 25

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Gee! how full I am of the whole business. Nothing further has been heard of my application. Fritz was fairly lively during the day sending over 8.2
20th Hell! How wet it is. On such a day as this, all would like to stay in bed & read. But there are no such things as naps in the Army. Into the mud we splash Oh Yes! France is sane place in the winter, I don't think. About 8 pm Fritz sent about 10 shells over- by the sound of them they were winner piercing. Gee! some poor beggar gone to Paradise.
@1st Same as yesterday. Muddy & raining. Fritz left us alone all day. They say we are moving out of the line on March 4th.

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