Autograph letter signed by Harley Matthews, written from Gallipoli Peninsula, to Bertram Stevens, relating to conditions at the front, 10 July 1915 and poem, 'The Quest of Love' for possible publication in The Lone Hand; and, 'Summer Song' - Page 5

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The Turk as a soldier is not such a slouch as you might think after the Suez Canal foolishness. The troops sent here for their last big attack were a fine, well equipped lot & though badly led showed some courage. But they had no chance & hardly keep us awake of nights now.
They certainly have a country worth fighting for. It is the best place we have seen since we left Australia. Its scrub clad hills & beaches & its clean blue sea are not so very unlike Australia's either. Its summer day & night – is glorious. I hope however that the campaign is over before the Winter as I suspect those valley roads of ours will be very mud like small rivers. But I think we can look forward to having to fight it out. I have long ago lost faith in the

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