Item 06: Letter from Frederick Johnson Board, 7 September 1917 - Page 1

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3rd London General Hospital
Wandsworth 7-9-17

My dear Miss Jamieson

Doubtless you have heard that I got "plugged" some time ago and as a consequence have been in Hosp for the last 9 weeks or more, and am now being invalided back to Australia for 6 months, so I may have a chance of seeing you, if I have to go to Brisbane on arrival. The whole trouble rose through getting in the road of a Bosch high-explosive shell, which practically burst amongst 6 of us, killing one Officer (an Artillery chap) and wounding the other 5 of us. I unfortunately "stopped" 4 pieces of the ironmongery (2 in the knee, and 2 lower down) made rather a mess of the knee for a while, but it is getting on pretty well now & although I can't put much weight on it, I can get about fairly well on the patent crutches they gave me here.

One Dr reckoned it would take 6 months to get right & the other doesn't think it ever be much good, but I think he's wrong, anyhow instead of hanging about here for 6 months, they are sending me to Sunny Australia for the same period & to see if the leg will get better. I had no idea it was going to take so long and was very disappointed at having to give up my old Battalion which was doing so well after having practically selected its personnel & officers and been with it for 18 months. I tell you it hurts to give up the old Unit, and had it over to someone else

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