Item 02: Alec Donaldson diary, 6 August 1917-24 December 1918 - Page 39

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29th July
945 AM Was liberated from the cells, later in the day examined & cross questioned re statements in Diary & also items taken from letters to my wife.
6th Aug
Was ordered into No 4 after morning appell & was given 8 days cells for calling the Germans Huns. This time I was put into the smallest cell of the lot, about 6 by 8, but managed to get my sketch books & paints smuggled into me, so the time passed fairly well.
14th Aug
Liberated from cells at 9.30 AM.
19th Aug.
While playing tennis this afternoon, noticed Harry & his satellites paying marked attention to me. I said to the fellows that I would be going to jug again next day.
20th Aug.
Leut. Interpreter & 2 sentries came to my room. I was ordered to strip & they searched all my gear, pulled my bed to pieces & finally asked

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