Item 02: Alec Donaldson diary, 6 August 1917-24 December 1918 - Page 26

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2nd March
Bebra 6AM Had a cup of coffee
Frankfort on Maim 1 pm., had a good hot meal, expect to reach Karlsruhe at 8pm.
10 pm. Arrived at Karlsruhe & under strong guard were marched to a hotel, which as far as I can see is a fumigating house before sending us onto the camp. We are four in a room & not allowed out of it. Windows all painted on outside so that we can not see out.
5th March
Still under observation in hotel.
6th March
3pm. Were marched under guard to the camp, which is situated in the centre of the town. All our effects were examined & we were charged 18 marks for carriage of our baggage & our food on the way from Kiel to here. We are pretty comfortably housed & have plenty of room for exercise, which is a treat after the confined space in the "Wolf" Shipmasters are being treated on a par with Army captains & I believe to be paid 100 marks a month, but most of this will go in paying for our food.

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