Item 02: Alec Donaldson diary, 6 August 1917-24 December 1918 - Page 14

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4th Sept
Somewhere between the hours of 11.30 pm & 345 A.M. the "Wolf" dropped a minefield of about 100 mines, the position being I think somewhere N.N.W of Horsborough Channel in the Hong Kong route, There was a subdued cheer from the mining crew when the last mine was dropped. Ship immediately turned South again at full speed.
5th Sept.
Numerous prepare for action calls during the morning, also the topmasts were lowered & funnel raised a little, giving ship appearance of stumpy masts & long funnel, in place of her previous long topmasts.
9th Sept.
Ship came right along Java Sea again & at 8 pm entered the Atlas Straits & through into the Indian Ocean. We passed several steamers on the way back, but took no notice of them, going full speed all the time.

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