John H. W. Pettit letters to his family in England, illustrated with sketches by the writer, 1852-1868 - Page 160

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Gippsland  cont

Baul Baul Ichanuk Large morass
Bim Bim Windy
Murriulunghong Quick scent
Movrodine Mooroodarnie  
Nooerlong Eel
Bodieyong Egg
Goonyong A native fruit
Worrin Sun
Breeul Star
Willung Rain
Gerrumbodie Spear
Curramoi Orphan
Bourdun Old man
Nindoo You
Ning Flea
Uca Mirrin Sun rise
Borr worrang Good hunting ground for oppossums
Wunt wun River
Tel but wunt wun Junction of two Rivers
Bairrdun wort mullworrin guttinga You and I sat down & had dinner
But But Bast Box tree
Dirtyroun Stringy Bark tree
Dea Small Box Tree
Luth Bread
Mullo Carewat Pipe Clay Creek
Yax juh Apple tree
Poundall Left Arm
Much bindan Right arm
Burne Leg
Bonne Knee
Tongbong Stat
Dchgullargivarrunda Cap
Wartowngil Blanket
Lournagill White gin
Gleut Linens under knee
Blumjhean Achilles Tendon
Gillung A vessel for carrying water
  constructed of wattle bark by tyg
  ends together
Nartone Ribs
Nullue Skin of body
Boulghum Doolet Heart
Wullong Kidney
Wulla Wulluck Liver
Nina buttagrounga Tube connected with stomach
Craur Entrails

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