John H. W. Pettit letters to his family in England, illustrated with sketches by the writer, 1852-1868 - Page 158

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Gippsland Tribe

Targoot Stop a bit
Goodaban One
Booloomun Two
Booloomunbillabolong Four
Layyunmum Very Good
Layun Good
Torourr Five
Tallicbun Little
Tallabordine Little old man
Tallamart Young master
Courai ulman Large
Tedboulin See
Woodda Be quick
Bnvie Wallaby
Geoleur Monkey
Ieddic Ieddic Knife
Iinki Iinki Blood
Moondibong Tomahawk
Cur wi West
Yuk East
Birr South
Darr North
Tabaronrinbourrill Sunrise
Gooitbil Subset
Benda Benda Sleep
Mulloo Pipe Clay
Yarwun Lightwood tree
Yackun Mother
Monghan Father
Carrajung Sister
Punka Punka Canoe
Kooraang Kooroong Boat
Carrang Consumption Cold
[?]ootuck Strong
[?]oorooboorya Gun
Cudgeree Cudgel
Nirwun Stick to throw the spear with
Gouinyourr Full grown man
[?]arrt Tortoise
[?]urr Wind
[?]uttarie Opoussum Cloak
[?]hek ki Oh dear
[?]hek ka dorn Oh dear Oh dear
[?]ee onum a Canni Where are the blacks
[?]odamunajork Give me an oppossum
[?]ootuk Boorah Nivo I want a drink
[?]oother Woothur Yarn           Bring me some water quickly      

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