Ward diary, 6 October 1914 - 28 July 1915 / Eric Harford Ward - Page 39

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July 6 - 260 Days since leaving Sydney. Slight swell rolling a little. Concert on board.

Wed. 7 – Arr. Alexandria 6 a.m. Taken on board Hospital Train. Ladies provided cool drinks, cigarettes & walking sticks. Left Alex. 12 o'clock. English Sisters & Indian Orderlies on train. Very comfortable berths – fast train – menu included chocolate, biscuits & limejuice – Lovely run – natives harvesting similar to the Greeks – Went to Heliopolis main hospital from station by Motor Ambulance, then on to No. 2 Auxillary Hospital near Luna Park – about 400 here. One big Ward brick & steel construction. Beds of cane made by natives.

Thur. 8 – Generals Maxwell & Spence visited us, also Lady Maxwell who gave us cigarettes. General Spence's wife & 2 daughters do voluntary massageing daily, plenty of visitors.

Frid. 9 – Wrote O.C. "D" & Jim Row re my mail, also No. 1 Ruby B., gave lady visitor to post. The Battle-ship "Triumph" which I witnessed sinking sunk off Ari Burnu, in the Gulf of Saros. A submarine got her amidships – She listed until the upper deck touched the water & capsized 9 minutes later. She floated keel upwards 20 min. Her gunners fired to the last.

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