Ward diary, 6 October 1914 - 28 July 1915 / Eric Harford Ward - Page 33

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May 31 – Fire trench all day. Turks have a gun trained right on to our trench at close range, wounded 2 men – fairly quiet off at 5 p.m., rcd. shirt issue. More of the old Coy. return from hospital.

(XX duty)

June 1 - Communication trench duty. N.C.O's now supporting authority in accordance with their duty. N.C.O's to see that all orders are complied with to fullest extent according to the letter & spirit. Any failure to be severely dealt with. All ranks must remember that in war it is the last ounce that tells & to allow any slackness is to invite disaster – Extract 15 B.O. No. 9. Changed system of reliefs to-day. Tobacco issue & 1 Box matches & 1 pkt. Honeydew Cigarettes. Had charge of fatigue party to bury 3 mortified corpses – awful job, only buried one – used respirators, drank neat rum & smoked cigarettes. Corpses over a month old. Hope I never have such a job again.

Wed. 2 – Tom Barnby & Sig. Macdonald returned from hospital. I am Orderly Corporal this week. Buried other 2 corpses.

Thurs. 3 - King's Birthday 39 days in firing line. Prince of Wales King's Birthday. Go into firing line. Meade went to doctor with "steel on liver" & he hunted him.

Frid. 4 – Heavy bombardment on right flank, commencing 10 o'clock. Attack on Achi Baba. Paraded sick, Meade present. I was told he is up for Court Martial. 8 of our men went out to capture a machine gun tonight but had to return on a/c of an old trench in front being packed with Turks. A & B Coy's make a charge, rough night. Artillery duel before daybreak.

Sat. 5 – Turkish losses at Quinn's Post affair more than first expected between 1500 & 2000. Issue of rum last night to drink King George's health. Dunno why the Kaiser spells culture with a K unless it is that Britain has command of all the C's. L/Cpl. McIntosh, Dentist, pulled a tooth for me today. One division of Turks met another & mistook them one another for the enemy.

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