Ward diary, 6 October 1914 - 28 July 1915 / Eric Harford Ward - Page 22

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Gallipoli Peninsula (Sari Bair) Dardanelles
1st 4 days perfect Hell on earth, no chance of keeping a diary, see later writings.

Apr. 25 – Landed at 8 a.m. Sunday. Went straight into firing line, advanced under heavy shrapnel & Rifle fire – 1st bayonet charge reinforced left & got cut off – at night held left flank till 16th arrived – turks came right up – Major Swannell killed, Capt. Jacobs new O.C., big casualty in 1st. A terrible day. Heavy Casualties.

26 - Held ridges under heavy fire all day.

27 – Awful artillery duels. Heavy firing everywhere. Turks sound our charge, reinforcements arrive.

28 – Holding ridges. Turks shelled position at night.

29 – Rtd. to beach to dig in. Clean up, Rest, swim & Roll Call. 21 men, 12 officers

30 – At Beach all day. Saw barb entanglements,

May 1 – At Beach all day. "Shrap." as usual – moving 6 p.m. to go into trenches on ridge, going in trenches all night.

2 – One week to-day since landing. Fighting in trenches all day on ridge. Firing all night.

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