Ward diary, 6 October 1914 - 28 July 1915 / Eric Harford Ward - Page 9

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"Egyptian Gazette"
April 8 – 1894 Commandant Deport was completing his famous "75" at Puteaux – Germans got wind. General Deloye took it in hand. A foreman at Puteaux bribed & handed over to emissaries of Col. Von Schwartzkoppen plans of new gun. They were plans of the Ducros gun. France bluffed Germany, kidded them this was their new gun. One Ducros was purposely mislaid with a caisson of shells & soon found its way across the frontier. In 1896 German had evolved its 77 gun same type as the Ducros with faster fire. Same year the Deport gun was perfected & became the standard weapon of the French Army. The secret was well kept.

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