John H. W. Pettit letters to his family in England, illustrated with sketches by the writer, 1852-1868 - Page 247

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By the by in sending out the [nine] pages missing in the Mathematical Tables - those enclosed were wrong  -  I think upon reference to my letter you will see that [word crossed out] pages 55 & 56 of the Tables [word crossed out] were out, thereby omitting all the numbers and their Logarithms between 3449 & 3550
{ they should of course read 3449
                                              3450    } I don't care
much about the Text so long as the Tables are complete.  I have been perpetrating a little official to my Govnt. [Government] on the subject Bond. To give you some idea of what 'Coons' we have to deal with I will just explain the Circumstance - Some time since I received notice that Bond would be required of me to the tune of £500 - This in the first place is a piece of [?] "[?]" as my work has nothing to do with money transactions.
From the dictatorial stile [style] of the letter it was evident they wanted to force me into the guarantee society  = I saw their drift and put my hands down to the bottom of my pockets and said to myself that I would see 'em 'blowed first' - so I off [offered?] the names of two gentlemen
( one at a previous Govnt. [government] Sale had purchased land for some wh [where] about £12,000.  So I considered the security pretty good -  After a while I got notice My [word crossed out] securities [?] were objected to requesting me to furnish names of pastoral tenants of the Crown  -  This rather astonished my weak [?] Nerves [?] - As they were always mortal jealousy lest we should show the squatters any favor [favour]  - And yet at the same time were forcing me to be under an obligation to them - One of my previous sinches was rather indignant and [words crossed out]  gave me his Uncle's Name A Mr Thomson an Honourable A member of the Upper House

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