Series 02: Anne Donnell diary, 29 December 1917 - 31 January 1919 - Page 142

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May 10 Friday
The Weather is favouring me. It has been a perfect day and in spite of being alone I am enjoying it all immensely. Last evening a new acquaintance. A commercial traveller and I went for a beautiful walk along by the River Taw at Barnstable and through the park where I think the variety of the patches of wall flower is the best I have seen - so rich in golden & brown colouring. Rose at 5.30 a.m. & came by a small train to Lynton & Lynmouth. It is absolutely charming to walk in Lyn Valley to the Watersmeet & then to the Valley of Rocks & seeing Castle Rock. My only regret is that I cannot go back via Porlock & Minehead & see all the country that is described in Lorna Doone: but the coaches are not running until the 20th. Bought Lorna Doone.

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