Series 02: Anne Donnell diary, 29 December 1917 - 31 January 1919 - Page 140

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May 8 Wednesday
At 3 p.m. spied 2 Anzacs coming up the walk & waited for them so we went into Mrs Pengillys & had a nice tea. Only Anzacs we may be yet we enjoyed Mrs Pengillys Tea. High St was an awful climb But the scenery was sublime. So they trust that as they who run may read "Will never die until a dead horse kicks them and the hairs from their tails turn into candles to light them to glory –
Cecil Scott Lock
Leslie Scott
Lucy Edwards

Saw the above at Mrs Pengilly house. Walked up with the boys to meet the coach & the sun is shining beautifully so later take a snap of Charles Kingsleys house – I do love meeting our boys they are so fresh & love sport.

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