Series 02: Anne Donnell diary, 29 December 1917 - 31 January 1919 - Page 122

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April 17 Wednesday
A letter from Mr Beilby on my plate this morning.
Mr McIlwraith is here for a day or two – he usually stays in his Devonshire Home. Told us the story of how opposite their place two loaded transports were going out from the Harbour when a Submarine attacked – Missed his target – the torpedo struck into a rock on the coast – exploded. the result being a beautiful dash of water sent up 600 ft. into the air. It skirted some fisherman by 6 feet – and later sent the stunned fish in so they caught 5 ton – quite a boon to the little village – and they realised £100-.
Mr McI- is a dear old man and so Australian

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