Series 02: Journal of a tour in Holland, 12 February - 22 March 1773 - No. 0007

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Febry, 1773.    From London

12. at 5 in the afternoon set out with Captain  Bentinck his son William & Mr Grevile at night slept at Ingatstone [also spelt Ingatestone].

13. Set out from ingatstone & passing Colchester arrivd about 3 at Harwich finding the roads from Colchester rather bad.

At Harwich we walked out to Examine the Cliff found it to Consist of Gravel, a stratum ranging much in its thickness of sand intermixed with an infinite number of Broken bits of shells & some few whole ones. Clay varying in Colour many strata & near the Sea Edge a strong blue clay intermixd with many nodules of hardish stone these when the Cliff is washd down remain upon the beach & among them are often bits of wood petrified & some shells among the clay are found sharks teeth we were told that the invalids of Landgaurd [Landguard] fort collected these things for sale but had not time to Cross the water.

At night the Custom House officers came to examine our baggage which they did very slightly.  An order from the Post master General to give us the Cabbin of the Pacquet was produced & we were told that it would sail in the morn.

14. in the course of the night the wind which

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