Report on counterfeiting, June 1789 (Series 84.05) - No. 0002

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committing capital Crimes, must harden & prepare Men for every vice, it must be acknowledged that the prevention of these Evils is an Object, equally interesting to Humanity, Justice & Policy.

The Hon'ble the East India Company having employed Mr. Boulton about 3 Years ago, to manufacture Copper Coin for their Settlements in India. He was thereby led to consider how the legal Coin of this Kingdom could be improved, & the Counterfeit Coin suppressed. The result of those Considerations he had the Honor to lay before the Right Hon'ble the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council especially appointed to enquire into the State of the Coins of this  Realm who ordered him to prepare Specimens of the Coins upon his improved Plan.

In consequence thereof he hath executed & perfected at a very great Expence, such an Apparatus of Machinery as he is persuaded will enable him to make Coin, not only superior in Beauty & Workmanship to that of any Nation in Europe, but also so manufacturing, in consequence of the peculiar Construction of his Machinery that the Counterfeiting will be effectually prevented.

The Securities proposed by Mr. Boulton against counterfeiting the Copper Coin, are,

1st  To take away the Temptation arising from great profits, by making the intrinsic Value of all Money equal to  it's nominal Value, deducting the Expense of Coinage.

2d  The Expense of Coinage should be the least possible, that the Money may contain the greatest intrinsic Value.

3. The Workmanship & Sculpture should not only be

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