Letter received by Banks from Alexander Anderson, 23 January 1793 (Series 56.03) - No. 0001

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Botanical Gardens St Vincent
Jany 23d. 1793


You will no doubt be happy from the information of Captain Bligh's arrival here yesternight with one of the finest Cargo of plants that ever was seen in a ship.  He has about 1000 of the Breadfruit all in a vigrous state with all the other valuable plants of Otaheiti & Timor.  his vigilance & attentions to the object of his mission merits much - His crew are all well, & the healthiest looking parcel of Men ever seen.  The cares  & anxietys he has encountered has much impared his health indeed he is at present sickly but I hope the air of the Bot: Garden will soon better it.  The 

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